Create your products

The moment has finally come to create your products and here is how it works!

Step 1 : From the main menu, go to the "Profile & Products" page. 

Step 2 : In the "Profile & Produits" page, click on the icon. 

Access products EN

Step 3 : Select the type of product you want to create and click the "Next" button. 

Select product type

Step 4 : Fill out the product information for the product you want to create. 

Product description ENStep 5 : Click on the button to access your images.

Tip : Grouping all the images you want to use for your products in one folder on your computer will make this step much easier! 

Step 6 : Select the images you want to use by clicking on "Open". 

trippy labelsStep 7 : Indicate if the image you have chosen is a label or not. If your image is not a label, select "Image", then click "Save" and proceed straight away with Step 9

toggle between label and image

Good to know: The right image choice is very important for the set up of your PivoHub shop. Make sure to read the "Which type of image to use" article. 

Step 8 : If your image is a label, use the top, bottom and left sliders to adjust its size and position.

Adjust label-1Step 9 : If your product is sold in different formats, click on the "Add a format" field below to add it. You can add as many formats as you want. 

Adding format

Step 10: Select the format that you wish to use as the main visual for your product. This is the image that buyers will see first when browsing your shop in PivoHub. 

toggle between main visualsStep 11 : Don't forget to hit the "Save" button once you are done!