Which type of image to use for your product?

Selecting the right image is crucial when creating products. After all, these images will be showcased in your online store and serve as a reflection of your brand.

Option 1: Using an image of the product label: 

Why should I use an image of my product label? 

Using an image of your product label will allow you to have beautiful rotating products in your shop! 



When can I use a product label image? 

  • The product is a beverage
  • A canvas is available for the format of this product
  • You have an image of the label
  • The image of the label you have matches the necessary criteria

What are the criteria for my label image to work? 

  • Image size: a minimum of 100 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • File format: PNG or JPEG 

How do I know if a canvas is available for my product? 

When creating a product that is container-based, you will be asked to select a container. If an icon displays on the left side of the container, it means that a canvas is available.

Tip: Whenever no canvas is available for your format, we recommend you use a product image (not a product label). This option will make your products more visually attractive to potential buyers.

How to adjust the label on my product

Step 1: Move the sliders at the top, left and below the image to adjust the size and position of your label. 

Step 2: Click on the animation preview icon to verify that the label covers the product.  

Option 2: Using a photo of your product

Why should I use a photo of my product? 

There are several reasons why you might want to use a photo of your product rather than an image of the label. 

  • The product is not a beverage
  • No canvas is available for your container
  • You do not have an image of the label

What type of photo should I use? 

  • Image size: 400 x 400 pixels minimum
  • Image background: white or transparent
  • File format: PNG or JPEG
  • A photo in which the product is well visible 

How do I indicate that I want to show an image? 

When creating your product, you can simply toggle between the Label and Image radio buttons below your product image.