v5.3: Updates Overview (Buyers)


Alcohol Free Filter

Much like Korean boy bands, the alcohol free category has seen a tremendous rise in demand in recent years. To help you keep up with the ever-expanding catalogue of alcohol free products on PivoHub, we've added a quick filter to only show products with alcohol percentages under 0.05%.

The "Other" Category

You certainly won't see us complaining about finding some tasty sausages or "Chicken Rub" on the Marketplace, but they're not exactly beverages. That's why we added an "Other" category where you can find lots of cool things like alternative milk, hand sanitizer, and yes, mustard.

Multi-selection Setting

We heard from some of you that switching from one supplier to another required too many clicks. So we added "Multi-selection" setting that you can turn off by clicking on the "Option" button in the top right. This way, when you click on a different supplier in the dropdown, only their products will show, without you having to remove previous filters.

Quick Add

Sometimes you DON'T WANT TO MESS AROUND with cans spinning and product cards opening up. You just want to add a product to your cart ASAP. Now you can. Simply hover over the arrow and click on the "+" to add to cart.