Text translations

In your PivoHub account, you will sometimes have to enter text. Each time you will be presented with a space in which you have to write a text, you will be able to add the text in French and English.

How to translate a text?

When you see "fr-CA en-CA" under a text box, this indicates that you can translate this text. 

Note 50-1Rely on the to find out what language you are currently writing in.


Once you have entered text in a language, a check mark will appear next to that language. 


Select the other language to add your translated text. A check mark will appear in the language when the text is entered. 

Traduction 2

Click Save when you are finished adding your text. 


retailers_glass-tip copie-1IF you need help translating a text, the DeepL tool is a free tool that generally gives good results. 


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