Placing an order on behalf of a retailer

One of your retailers does not use PivoHub and would need you to place the order for them? Here is how!

Step 1 : Go to the "Orders" page


Step 2: Click on "New order"


Step 3 : Type the name of the retailer for whom you wish to place the order


Note 50-1If a retailer is not yet in your "active retailer" list, click on "add a retailer" et send them a connection request or an invitation allowing them to create their account.

Step 4 : Enter the product, the desired quantity and click on the " + " to add it to the order

Step 5 : Once the order is complete, click on "Save" ou "Save and accept"


If one of more products are not available, you will not be able to accept the order until the product is back in your inventory.