Minimum items per order

It is possible to choose the minimum parameters per order for your customers.

Minimum items per order

The minimum quantity of items per order is managed per group. If you want to set different minimum item quantities per order, plan to create a group for each minimum quantity. 

Note 50-1The minimum per order settings added to the "All" group will be applied to all groups for which a minimum per order has not been set. 


Step 1: From the general menu, select "groups". 



Step 2: Click on the notepad next to the group of your choice to change its settings. 


Note 50-1Minimum parameters can also be set when creating a group.


Step 3: In the group settings box, check the "Minimum number of items per order" and/or the "Minimum order value" box and then enter the value you wish to apply. 


Seen by retailers

When a retailer tries to place an order that does not meet the minimum you set, an error message appears. This message suggests that they change their order or place it anyway. 

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