How to manage deposits

Deposits can be modified in one go for all products with the same container format!

On PivoHub, deposits are determined automatically according to the standards. However, if you have non-standard formats or different deposits, here is how to modify them in your PivoHub account.

Step 1 : From the main menu, go to the "Deposits" page.

Access deposit page

Step 2 : Thanks to the search bar, you can easily find the container for which you want to change the deposit.  

search product in deposit

Step 3 : Click on the blue price next to the product for which you want to change the deposit. 

Click on deposit

Step 4 : In the pop-up, uncheck "Standard deposit", add the deposit amount of your choice in the field below and click on "Save". 

change deposit

Good to know: to change a deposit back to standard, simply re-check the "Standard deposit" checkbox of the product, then save.