How do I add a customer?

Your PivoHub account is created and your products are online and just waiting to be sold?Only one ingredient is missing for the recipe for success: Buyers!

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Add an existing retailer

Step 1 : From your home menu, go to the "Retailers" page.


Step 2 : Click on "Add a retailer". Ajouter détaillant


Step 3 : Verify if the retailer already exists in the PivoHub database by clicking in the "search" field and starting to write the name, address or email of the company. 

retailers_glass-tip copie-1It is easier to search for a retailer by address number since the name could be written differently in the PivoHub database than in your data. 

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Step 4 : In the retailer's form displayed, click under "Distributor" to choose the distribution method. 

Step 5 : If you wish, you can give the company a nickname. 

Note 50-1The nickname is the name the company will have in your account. You can use it to give the company the same name as in your internal documents.

Step 6 : You can choose in which group(s) this retailer will be included.

Step 7 : Click "Submit" to request a connection with this retailer. 

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Create a retailer

If the retailer does not already exist in the PivoHub database, you will not find it when you do your search. In this case, you will have to create it. 

Step 1 : In the search bar, if the retailer does not exist, scroll down the list and select the option "Create retailer named...".

Caution 70Warning : before creating a new retailer, you must be sure that it does not already exist in PivoHub. Otherwise, it will create a duplicate. 

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Step 2 : In the "add a retailer" box, enter the information of the retailer you wish to add. 

Caution 70Warning : make sure that the information added is the right one since this retailer will be added to the PivoHub database and will be accessible to all PivoHub users.

Step 3 : Click "Submit" to create the retailer and invite them to access their account. 

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