Group Priorities

A group allows you to set different parameters for its members (such as special prices, availability, billing information). But what happens if a buyer is part of more than one group?

You can see the full list and order of your groups on the 'Groups' page. The group highest in the list is automatically the group whose parameters are given the highest priority.

For example

Exemple zoom

In this case, even though a buyer is part of the group "Bon payeurs" as well as the group "DBSQ", only the parameters belonging to the "Bon payeurs" group will be applied to the buyer, since this group is higher on the list. 

Changing the order of priority

In order to move groups up and down within the list, click on the padlock at the top of the first column to unlock the list. Using the 6 little dots, you can then change the order of any group by dragging it to the desired spot. Click on the padlock icon again to re-lock the list again when you are done. 

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