FAQs: Collect payments with PivoHub (Sellers)

I would like to offer online payment via PivoHub, how do I do this?

If you are interested in beginning to collect payments via PivoHub, fill out this form. We will get in touch with you to schedule a time to onboard you on this feature.

Is my information safe?

Yes. The security of your sensitive data is our top priority. We work with Stripe to process and secure your payment information. Stripe, used by Google, Amazon, Slack, and millions of companies around the world, is a leader in payment management. Learn more.

Do I decide which payment methods are accepted?

Yes. For each customer and for each group, you can choose to accept payment by bank transfer, credit card, both, or neither.

Are there any fees associated with online payment?

Yes. Standard fees are displayed here. Information on your contract takes precedence over standard fees. If you want to better understand the fee breakdown, contact sales@pivohub.com to set up a meeting.