FAQ: Pay suppliers online via PivoHub (Buyer)

Is my payment information safe?

Yes. The security of your sensitive data is our top priority. We work with Stripe, a leader in payment management, to process and secure your personal information. Find out more.

How much does the online payment module cost?

It's 100% free for all buyers.

Can all of my bills be paid online with PivoHub?

It is your supplier who chooses which types of payments he accepts. If it accepts credit card or bank transfer, you'll be able to use PivoHub to pay (provided the invoice was issued through PivoHub, of course).

Where can I find my accounts payable?

When you are logged in to your PivoHub account, navigate to the “Accounts payable” tab. If the tab does not appear in your navigation bar, contact support@pivohub.com to activate the payment module in your account.

I can't see anything in my account payable list, why?

If no supplier appears in the account payable list, it is probably because your suppliers have not yet activated the payment feature, or because the balance owed is $ 0.